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Garage Sale Queen


I made this fun video about junk collector “mama” who lives in an airstream trailer and drives a vintage ford pick-up truck and spends her day driving to garage sales. Video features a cameo of recording artist Elizabeth Wills and my “real” mama! I wrote and recorded Garage Sale Queen as a gift for my mom for Mother’s Day. When I played the song for my family, we all started laughing about how much fun it would be make a music video with a crazy lady who lives in an airstream trailer, drives a vintage truck, and spends her whole day going to garage sales.  One thing led to another, and suddenly I found myself in the middle of shooting this video. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! We almost killed Elizabeth Wills at 2:27 when “mama” was driving a little faster than we anticipated and she fishtailed. From the crew perspective it looked like Elizabeth had fallen over the side and was run over. They were all running to the scene dialing 911. When they got to us we were all laughing so hard we couldn’t breath they even thought we were injured.  Thankfully we all sort of crouched down before she stopped when we realized she was going to fast and the cut made it into the video! Good times.


Written and performed by Karen Chisholm. Musicial tracks produced by Karen Chisholm using GarageBand (which is appropriate don’t you think?) Special thanks to Alta Vista Recording, in Austin, Texas for help with the vocal tracks. Backing vocals by Tanya Winch & Elizabeth Wills. Mixing and master by Colin McDonald. Video produced by Karen Chisholm, Pixie Grit Studios. Directed by Terry Melton. Director of Photography Brandon Boggs, HumbleBee Media. Photography and special assistant to Karen Chisholm, H.Cherdon Bedford. Assistant Director: Anne LaBarbera. Set direction for Garage Sale scene by Katharine Dunham Tretter.

(c) Karen Chisholm (BMI). Released September 26, 2011.

Actors In Order of Appearance

Karen Chisholm | Self
Cindy Bridges Brown | Mama
Daniel Melton | Boy on Green Machine
Kandi-O | Annoyed Garage Sale Shopper
Jerry Ronquillo | Bass Player
Elizabeth Wills | Drummer & Underwear Shopper
Randy Melton  | TV Owner
Debbie Melton | Over the shoulder smoker
Holly Chisholm | Girl wearing crown
Velma Melton (the real garage sale queen) | Birthday party guest
Luke, Evan, Daniel, Zane, Nichole, Lexie, Robert | Extras in Garage Sale Scene: