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Garage Sale Queen

Dedicated to My Mom

Written and performed by Karen Chisholm. Musicial tracks produced by Karen Chisholm using GarageBand. Special thanks to Alta Vista Recording, in Austin, Texas for help with the vocal tracks. Backing vocals by Tanya Winch & Elizabeth Wills. Mixing and master by Colin McDonald. Video produced by Karen Chisholm, Pixie Grit Studios. Directed by Terry Melton. Director of Photography Brandon Boggs, HumbleBee Media. Photography and special assistant to Karen Chisholm, H.Cherdon Bedford. Assistant Director: Anne LaBarbera. Set direction for Garage Sale scene by Katharine Dunham Tretter.

Actors In Order of Appearance
Karen Chisholm, Self
Cindy Bridges Brown, Mama
Daniel Melton, Boy on Green Machine
Kandi-O, Annoyed Garage Sale Shopper
Jerry Ronquillo, Upright Bass Player
Elizabeth Wills, Drummer & Underwear Shopper
Randy Melton, TV Owner
Debbie Melton, Cigarette Smoker
Holly Chisholm, Girl trying on crown
Velma Melton (Mom), Birthday party guest
Luke, Evan, Daniel, Zane, Nichole, Lexie, Robert, Extras