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Love’s Road Lyric Video

#lovesroad is finally here !

Surgeries are finally out of the way!!! It seems like I’ve been waiting FOREVER, but I am finally ready to release my upcoming album #lovesroad! “Love’s Road” was inspired by my undying thirst for genuine love and to know my true authentic self. The video chronicles my 7-day road trip from Death Valley through the beautiful isolation of the desert Southwest with famed photographer Rodney Bursiel. 7306 miles and 2235 photos later I returned with a determination to continue down Love’s Road.


Song written & performed by: Karen Chisholm
Song produced by: Ramy Antoun, Creative Arts Group
Photography by: Rodney Bursiel Photography
Wardrobe by: Marrika Nakk and Pat Dahnke
Dedicated to: Marilla & Roberto

Special Thanks: Roberto & Marilia, Cindy Bates, Erin Bertonlini, Alyse Black, Kim Blackburn, Holly Chisholm, Carla DeSantis Black, Melonie Elequin, Carlos Fernandez, Jr., Mary Ann Gay, Janet George, Lane Gosnay, Katy Hallee, Sam Hammerman, Noelle Hampton, Dan Harriman, Deb Hedges, m. Edmund Howse, Meagan Johnson, Greg Lambert, Peter Lord-Wolff, Leah McLain, Jodi McNeely, Burdette Rex Melton, Velma Melton, Diane Moore, Amanda Noark, Jeff O’Bryan, Jean Polivka, Erika & Wes Priddy, Havilah Rand, Mandy Rowden, Lisa Russell, Gregory Sanders, Gail Steinbeck, Thomas Steinbeck, Erika Vasquez, Dawn Walton, Robin Westerhoff, Kristy Young, Shelley Young, Jim Baker.

Lyrics Love’s Road (c) Karen Chisholm (BMI)
There’s an unfamiliar light \Cutting through my window \Dancing in the dust \ Stirring up discontent in my soul Damn these perceptions \ which way did love go? \ Why don’t we follow Love’s Road? There’s pain in every turn \ down Apathy Row. \ Make your own decisions? Ha! \ You just do what you’re told. Damn these traditions \ which way did freedom go? \ Why don’t we follow Freedom’s Road? There’s an unfamiliar song \ playing on the radio \ Wind is whipping my hair \ I’m tapping the wheel \ Just driving north. Damn your good intentions \ which way did our love go? I’ll be damned, I’ll be damned, I’m gonna follow Love’s Road