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Love’s Road Trip with magazine cover photographer Rodney Bursiel

Rodney Bursiel, Photographer

Here’s Rodney after doing what he does to get the money shot. Heck I was just about as dirty.

Two years ago, I spent a couple months in Montecito, California at the home of author Thomas Steinbeck and his wife Gail Knight. After soaking up their delicious hospitality, I would drive into LA every few days to go to various Grammy, film and music events.

I had just begun the work on my new album and I wanted something special to go along with the release. So, I called magazine cover photographer Rodney Bursiel. “Hey Dude, wanna go on a road trip with me in return for lending your mad photo skills?” He’s like, “Hell yeah!” Best phone call ever!

We went through Death Valley to Las Vegas, Antelope Canyon, White Sands New Mexico and a million places in between. After the trip, I decided to change the name of the album to “Love’s Road” (formerly Cold Soul) based on a track title from the album, but also because it’s a fitting title for our journey home. Many have been asking to hear the stories behind the shoots, so I will be posting those stories over the next few days leading up to my CD Release show (you are coming I hope). In the meantime, enjoy these “behind the scenes” photos from the shoot and check out #lovesroad on Instagram & Twitter to see more.


We were in Mesquite Flat Dunes in Death Valley right outside Stovepipe Village. Beautiful Day for a shoot in the desert. This is an iPhone shot of Rodney trying to get me to kick up the sand high enough. I must have kicked that sand 1000 times! It was worth it after seeing the money shot!

Here’s another iPhone photo shot while I am standing on the edge of a cliff in Monument Valley Utah. That smile on my face is actually a little bit of terror. See those little brown things to the left of my feet? Those are trees and boulders and stuff very far down! Ahhhh!

Check out the lighting! What the heck! It was magic hour in Monument Valley Utah. This stray desert pup and I were strutting our stuff, and I like how we have coordinating coats!

Setting up a shot in Death Valley while buzzards were flying over us the whole time. Guess they were just waiting for some road kill.

I wondered about the journey this rock made to get to the middle of the 2.5 mile long Racetrack Playa. It was a 28 mile drive down a very rocky and dusty road in the middle of Death Valley for us to make it there. Racetrack Playa was so quiet and the acoustic were so dead that talking sounded like you were in a closet full of clothes. The craziest thing ever. I dream of going back there some day to record a live album.

I wish you could see how high up we were. Dang it was scary living on the edge of Horseshoe Bend in Utah. We shot some video on the edge of that cliff. Look graceful and walk and spin around and the ground was all rocky and terrifying, Yeah right! Ha! You can see what I mean at about 2:40 into the video.


The wind was a steady 40 miles per hour the day awe went to White Sands National Monument.  Check it out at the beginning of the video. So intense. Talk about a mouthful of sand trying to smile for photos. Towards sunset though it finally settled down and got an amazing shot and were able to soak in the beauty of this national treasure.

To see the video go to my Facebook Fan Page or Visit You Tube.
To see more behind the scenes photos check out #lovesroad on Instagram and Twitter.