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New Single Release – Ain’t Got Nobody

Happy Valentine’s Day or NOT?

Valentine’s Day can be a real drag for some, so I thought I would reach out and give you a free download of my new song “I Ain’t Got Nobody.”  Don’t let that sad title fool ya! It’s a happy little ditty and it’s sure to cheer you up.

Even though I have a lot of friends and plenty of people who love me, sometimes I still feel lonely. Part of the human condition and I am sure you can relate. I wrote this song one night thinking about how sometimes you just gotta grab the nearest friend and make the most of it.

I know your life my not be panning out the way you hope on this crazy Hallmark holiday, but take a look around and whoever you do have near you today, reach out and make them feel loved, you may even get some love in return!

Song written & performed by: Karen Chisholm
Song produced by: Ramy Antoun, Creative Arts Group
Photography by: Rodney Bursiel Photography
Wardrobe by: Marrika Nakk
Special Thanks: Scott Dalbey for the inspiration for this song.

Lyrics Love’s Road (c) Karen Chisholm, 2014

The sheets are cold
I’m feeling old
Time is flying

The skies are grey
Why don’t you stay?
Tonight I feel like trying

But Lately I’ve been feeling lately
Maybe I’ve got you