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Perfect World Video

Perfect World is a song I wrote one night thinking about broken relationships in my life that I wish I could fix, but just can’t unless I change the core of who I truly am. Even though I recognize we don’t live in a Perfect World, I try to live in such a way that the imperfections become something beautiful and something we all learn to accept about each other. One of my flaws is that I cannot seem to consistently show up on time, but I am good at being kind even when I disagree and forgiving to a fault probably. I would love to have no more war, but sometimes we can’t even get along in our own households. This song really is my way of recognizing that we don’t live in a Perfect World and I am learning to be okay with that and view those broken relationships as guideposts leading me to the place I am supposed to be. Conflicts can be avoided and we can all live in peace, but we all have a lot of growing to do.  

This song was released on a limited edition Souvenir EP from the Perfect World Show at ND Theatre in Austin, Texas in April of 2012. Which include two other tracks that I had in the studio at the time. This song will be released again on my new album “Love’s Road” due out in 2013.

We did not have a video budget for this song, but the video shown here was used as a backdrop video for my 9-piece band at the Perfect World Show featuring Sonia Rao, and Alyse Black. I used various clips I found scattered around the internet and some personal footage from one of my recent trips out to California. Special thanks to my daughter Holly and my cousin Charles for allowing me to use our personal footage from visiting the ocean near San Diego.

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Written & Performed by: Karen Chisholm (BMI)

Produced by:
Billy Masters, Austin, Texas.
Instruments, Mix & Master:
Billy Masters
Drums: Dony Wynn
Ocean Drum:
Killer (Killer Artists Agency)
Backing Vox: Ana Bee
All rights reserved.

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In a perfect world / The sun would always shine / Love would grow on a vine /
In a perfect world

In a perfect world / There would be no more lies / I would always be on time /
In a perfect world

And you would be here by my side / Say you’re sorry and make it right /
In a perfect world

In a perfect world / Everyone would be kind / Even though they always spoke their mind /
In a perfect world

In a perfect world / There would be no more wars / There would be no more divorce /
In a perfect world

You would be here by my side / Say you’re sorry and make it right

You could look me in the eye / I could sleep through the night
In A Perfect World